The best family photos capture who you are together. I am lifestyle photographer. I love to put your every day moments in my photos! My family sessions are relaxed and fun! I want you to be comfortable with me so that your personalities will shine through in your photos. I love to just let you interact while I take pictures! That will get you some great candid shots! There’s no awkward posing. I make sure that everyone feels comfortable with each shot. I want you to look like yourself happily enjoying the company of your family members. I do not want you wishing you could just move your legs a little or stop unnaturally craning your neck. I’m sure you’ve thought that before! If you’re thinking along those lines when we take the picture it will show in the final image. So speak up! Theses are your photos! I want to make you look and feel your best in them! Because of that, I really like to get to know the families I work with! It helps me recognize when someone looks unnatural or just completely wrong! I promise we’ll have a ton of fun during your shoot! Take a look at my details page or contact me for more info!