Kendra & PJ | Hoffmaster State Park Engagement

Kendra and PJ’s engagement session was like catching up with two old friends. Kendra is the youngest of four sisters. I’ve known her since college when I roomed with her sister, Kristina, and I took her sister, Kara’s wedding photos! Kendra is the sweetest soul you’ll ever meet, and sometimes her actions match her hair color, but she is so much fun to be around and we still love her:) Her positive attitude and kindness to everyone are contagious and make me want to be a better person. You can’t be unhappy when you’re around Kendra. PJ is definitely perfect for her. He laughs at all of her goofiness and watches out for her. They are seriously the cutest ever together!

I am so excited for their wedding in a couple of weeks! I can’t wait to see everyone again! I think it will feel like a big family reunion. No matter what happens that day, I know it will be a ton of fun, and I cannot wait to share it with them!

Jillian & Marcus | Holland, Michigan Engagement

When I first talked to Jillian about wedding photos she told me that she and Marcus were not serious people. I think that’s what made their engagement session so enjoyable! They love to laugh and just be themselves, and I think that shows through in their photos!

Their engagement story is one of the sweetest I have ever heard! They got engaged in Chicago during the Polar Vortex of 2019! Jillian is a huge book lover. So Marcus proposed at Myopic Bookstore. He had a highlighted a portion of Anne of Green Gables where Gilbert tells Anne that she is his best friend and he wants to walk her home forever!! Such a perfect engagement for them!!

Jillian and Marcus are both pretty artsy. Jillian is a music teacher and Marcus a comic artist. I’m so excited for all of the little touches of their personalities we’ll see at their wedding! Jillian and Marcus, you are so much fun, and I can’t wait to be with you as you start your journey walking home together forever!!

Liz & Jake | Saugatuck, Michigan Wedding

What a fun wedding this was! Liz and Jake were hoping for a cool, early fall wedding. What they got was an 80 some degree scorcher! Take a look at the ceremony images below to how hot it really was! Jake borrowed a handkerchief to keep the sweat from rolling down his face while Liz tried to stifle her giggles. Such a sweet (and hilarious) memory for them that I’m sure they’ll never forget!

I love all of the little details they incorporated. Jake is in the air force training to fly fighter jets, and Liz is a huge animal lover! There were little touches of both Liz in Jake in all of their details that was just so special! And of course, there’s Koda! Their fur baby that was there for them the whole day!

I think the absolute sweetest part of their whole day was that Jake was on a brief leave from his training for the military; just long enough to get married, wake up the next morning and spend the day driving back to Florida so he could be there to report for duty on Monday. I love that part of their story. It reminds me of stories I hear about weddings in my grandparents generation, and it makes my heart so happy that people still do it today!

Liz and Jake, I loved being a part of your day! Best wishes to you both of you!

Artists & Vendors: Photography: Missy Alison Photography | Venue & Catering: Laketown Golf & Conference Center | Florals: Stems Market

Halle Smalle [Indianapolis Senior Photographer]

I’ve been sitting here staring at my computer screen trying to think of the perfect words to describe Miss Halle. There are so many things I could say, but none of them are enough! I remember her as a baby, her first day of first grade, her 8th grade graduation, and her journey through high school. It was an honor to do her senior pictures! I think they really convey who she is! We had soooo much fun taking them. Halle, you are so special to us. You have such a pure heart and a love for others. You are grounded in your faith, and because of that you know who you are. I hope our daughter learns a lot from you! Love you!